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Who can participate in training?

Anyone who wants to increase efficiency in using BigPicture, regardless of role in the company, is a perfect candidate for the training. The course covers every aspect of BigPicture, starting from basic usage and finishing with advanced features and BigPicture grooming. This approach makes sure that during the training, every participant is on the same page.

What will you learn during the training?

Every person attending the training will have an opportunity to grasp BigPicture concepts and correlate them with company’s management processes. Want some insight? Check out an extract from a two-day training agenda:



  • The building blocks in BigPicture
  • Best practices for navigating BigPicture UI
    (to get you started off on the right foot)
  • Getting comfortable with Programs
    (workshop tasks)


  • Fundamentals of BigPicture Gantt
  • Getting the most out of Gantt functionalities
  • Real-time synchronization between BigPicture and JIRA
  • Becoming the master of Gantt
    (workshop tasks)


  • Clear overview of resources workload
  • Resources allocation constraints
  • Optimizing and managing resources
    (workshop tasks)


  • BigPicture Roadmap fundamentals
  • Using Roadmap to scale Agile
  • Synergy between BigPicture and JIRA Software
  • Configuring BigPicture for Agile processes
    (workshop tasks)



  • Project management with Gantt
  • Gantt’s multi–platform compatibility
  • Effortless reporting with BigPicture
  • Unveiling project management features of BigPicture
    (workshop tasks)


  • Portfolio view in BigPicture
  • Managing portfolio level risk
  • Resources allocation with portfolio insight
  • Configuring BigPicture for Portfolio overview
    (workshop tasks)


  • Grooming of existing Programs
  • Troubleshooting interface in BigPicture
  • How to be a happy BigPicture administrator
    (workshop tasks)

Are there training materials?

Below you will find the summary of what we provide and what is needed from the attendees:

We provide:

  • Preconfigured JIRA environment with data sets prepared for BigPicture workshop tasks.
  • Highest quality training materials, which were crafted based on countless hours spent on understanding SoftwarePlant customers needs. Our materials are designed to follow the optimal learning curve for understanding BigPicture. Starting from basics and finishing with most robust features. We will guide you through a project management empowerment journey. Because, we believe that such empowerment can be achieved with BigPicture.

What is needed from you:

  • Well, we only need your ingenious mind during the training. We will take care of the rest.

Is there a recommended number of participants?

From our experience, we recommend organizing a group of 10 people. Nevertheless, this is not a rule set in stone. Materials implement a learn by doing approach, which scales with bigger groups.

How much does it all cost?

Whether you would like to have a basic training package or if you would like to enrich the standard course with your use cases, we will prepare an offer tailored to your needs.

Thinking about purchasing BigPicture after the training? Well, then I have good news for you! Bundling the training and the purchase of license will get you our special discount! We’ll be happy to discuss your training needs at training@softwareplant.com!
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