Our products are sold by partners around the world – they can provide onsite help and talk in your mother tongue, in your timezone. You can also get BigPicture Enterprise from them!

STAGIL is our first and closest partner, mainly focused on the German-speaking and US markets. They help enterprises around the world implement our large-scale solutions and provide training, consultancy and custom development services.

Info Design is a Warsaw-based Atlassian Solution Partner with more that 10 years of on-hand experience. There are three factors speaking for them: experience, knowledge, and professionalism. They specialize in implementing solutions based on Atlassian products and more than 100 customers trusted them, including large international organizations. They combine practical experience with deep knowledge on optimizing business processes and working in IT industry.

Fringe Technology is a US-based Expert, but works with clients around-the-world. They have a wonderful mindset and more than a decade of experience with the JIRA ecosystem.

Authors of the popular Profields plugin and our partner in Spain. Tight integration between our tools coming soon!

The Agile transformation consultants from USA. Providing agile coaches, agile training and agile software services for teams and organizations adopting and scaling.

Our official partner in the Netherlands and a Platinum Atlassian Expert. Just like us, Prepend focuses on developing Atlassian add-ons for JIRA, Confluence and the other tools.

Atlassian Expert from Berlin, Germany. On top of our tool and the Atlassian stack, they also offer spacialty services, such as vehicle engineering expertise.

eBusiness Design was established in 1995, to ensure Software Developers were supplied with the best software development products the world had to offer.

Go2Group is a worldwide provider of application lifecycle management (ALM) and DevOps consulting services. An Enterprise and Platinum Atlassian Expert, we are the world’s largest reseller of Atlassian development tools and the first Atlassian partner in North America. We’re expert in deploying the Atlassian suite where HP, IBM, Microsoft, Perforce, and SalesForce are in use.

Our Goal: Helping you get the most out of Atlassian tools. TechSolCom knows JIRA and Confluence inside out, and we provide Agile training with JIRA Agile workshops. Our area of activity is concentrated in the province of Quebec, helping out enterprises of all sizes.

Transition Technologies PSC is Atlassian Solution Partner and Atlassian Marketplace Vendor from Poland. They offer services (installation, migration, configuration, support, custom development) for all Atlassian tools.

InTenso are one of our most valuable partners providing a wide range of IT solutions for more than 5 million users from 64 countries all over the world. They believe to have people’s, not only for the reason that they create IT products or provide services, but are also able to support the development of innovative business models, provide continuous growth and operational excellence.

atSistemas is our preferred partner for Spain and Spanish-speaking regions with more than 800 experts and 20 years of experience. Founded in 1994, atSistemas has its physical offices in Barcelona, Cádiz, A Coruña, Madrid and Zaragoza.

catWorkX GmbH is an Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Expert from Hamburg, Germany. They provide solutions for IT Service Management, Application Lifecycle Management, Project Management Office and intranets.

Our French partner offering a lot of different services, including Atlassian-related ones. Founded in 2004, the company has hundreds of qualified consultants at hand.

Need an Expert in Stuttgart? Look no further! Avono offers everything JIRA-related and then some.

NetworkedAssets has offices in Berlin, Germany and Wroclaw, Poland. They are an Enterprise Expert, and offer also custom software development.

A Platinum Atlassian Expert operating across the UK, France, Switzerland and North America. They have helped over 2,200 enterprises optimise project management and collaboration with JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, Confluence and more.

Coyote Creek Consulting helps organizations of all sizes make the most of Atlassian’s development management tools. Our engineers’ Atlassian knowledge, years of experience working on and with development teams, and deep understanding of multiple development methodologies translate into success for you.

International consulting group with focus on innovation and agility, Herzum is an Atlassian Expert since 2005. We help customers succeed with big or small Atlassian adoptions, from installation to complex customizations. Experts with both the tools and with the development and Atlassian best practices.

PractiProject specialize in implementing ALM tools and Agile methodologies in R&D organizations. Our company offer technical IT assistants, creating your ALM system based on Atlassian tools-set, and taking care of your reporting and maintenance needs. As a close partner of Atlassian, PractiProject can accelerate your ALM implementation success. Among our customers: Get-Taxi, Fabrix, Leumi-Bank, ECI, Taboola, Zooz, Informatica, Auto-Talks and many more.

MethodA is our partner in Israel and offers services in the areas of QM, software engineering, project managements, in conjunction with a reliable, proven methodology for developing and maintaining software (also called MethodA).

Addteq has been a leader of providing business solutions to Enterprise clients for more than 10 years. Through the use of DevOps automation, Addteq strives on creating innovative solutions to solve business processes. Clients depend on Addteq to provide Atlassian solutions, create custom add-ons, conduct training, offer hosting and staffing, perform DevOps services, and provide overall support services. Being named one of Atlassian’s Platinum Experts, Addteq delivers superior results within a range of industries, specifically to major companies such as Cisco, MetLife and Bank of America. Addteq’s headquarters is found in Princeton, New Jersey, with offices around the globe.

Teamlead is the only one Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner in Russia. We specialize on Atlassian Products and add-ons and know almost everything about it. Our aim is to find solution that will work for specific customer. And we do whole range of services from installations to complex projects.

One of the largest if not THE largest Expert worldwide, Clearvision has offices in the UK, Ireland and US. Their continent-spanning offer is really top-notch!

Products, services, consultancy that help organisations plan, deliver & manage better software. Atlassian Enterprise Experts & Platinum Partners.

Our partner from the UK, mostly focused on Quality Assurance, JIRA and Confluence. Especially versed in biotech and pharma industries.

bit2bit Americas provides professional services on all Atlassian products with practice areas focused on agile software development, business process management and service desk solutions.

As a Platinum and Enterprise Expert, e-Core specializes in implementing best practices in Atlassian tools regarding Agile, Project Management, ALM and IT services for small to large companies globally. Our experienced consultants successfully provide training and support; on-site and nearshore consulting; execution and implementation of projects.

Riada is a full stack Atlassian solution partner based in the Nordics. Our whole business is focused on delivering enterprise services related to Atlassian products, in short: we do it all and we do it well. We’re also the creators of Insight for JIRA, the award winning solution for asset management and ITSM. In 2015, Riada was awarded the Atlassian President’s award for Technical Excellence.



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